9:08pm April 22, 2014


Feminist: a person who supports feminism.

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

9:06pm April 22, 2014




Why can’t there be a male hooter’s equivalent where male servers are shirtless and highly sexualized for their bodies and looks

Male Strip clubs. You’re thinking of male strip clubs.

No. Not a male strip club. A strip club is a strip club. I want a place called Cahones where waiters wear Speedos and are forced to stuff if they don’t fill out their uniform well enough. I want them to giggle for my tips. I want it to be so normalised and engrained in our culture that women bring their daughters there for lunch (because whaaaaaat the wings are good! Geeze sensitive much?) where they’ll give playful little nudges like, “Wouldn’t mind if you dad had those. Heh heh heh.” that their daughters don’t even understand but will absorb and start to assume is just the normal way grown up women talk about grown up men. I want to playfully ask my waiter if I can have extra nuts on my salad and for him to swat my arm with an Oh, you because he knows if he doesn’t his manager will yell at him. I want other men to pretend to like going there so I think they’re cool. I want to go to Cahones during my lunch break at work and when I come back and tell the other women in the office where I went they chuckle slightly and the men around us suddenly feel self conscious and they don’t know why.

8:46pm April 22, 2014


do you ever want to talk about someone with your friend but they are friends too

7:00pm April 22, 2014


"You don’t act like you have x disorder!!!" probably because mental disorders aren’t a personality trait but idk man

6:49pm April 22, 2014







These are all extremely fair points

the first one especially speaks to me on a spiritual level

the last one is the most true shit ever

boys get the good shit

girls get “sexy ___”

whats next “sexy object”

because that’s what people are seeing girls as

Windmill slam reblog

But sometimes you want that sexy powerful character so girls can be like “hell fucking yeah she’s hot and can kick ass and I can do the same” like wonder woman

you can be sexy and powerful without being unrealistic

6:44pm April 22, 2014



I can’t be a parent what if my kid is allergic to dogs


6:29pm April 22, 2014


I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything

9:47am April 20, 2014

oh honey


oh honey

9:42am April 20, 2014


do you ever see an opinion that’s so terrible that you actually feel bad for that person’s brain

12:07am April 20, 2014


#these two run a country